Today just did a 1 mile run! I am so proud!! Overall we raised £2,000 and that is just nuts!

It was weird seeing people that I saw 2 yrs ago and are now almost finished primary (and taller than me 🙁 )

BIG Achievement

So mum might have written a book, which might have got something I did in it. 😀😀😀😀😀 What an achievement that is! Really happy that we’re doing something to help the community with poems about what happened to Jess. If you want to read the book you can check it out here 👇. It’s on Amazon and called In Our Shoes. Hopefully we’ll raise some money for charity. 🤞🏻

In a Bit, Home Schooling!

I went back to school this week. Half of me said “Let’s Go Bois” and half of me misses being able to watch You Tube during break! It was nice to see my friends and the COVID test wasn’t too bad either. 😀


My last year before being a teenager has arrived. With my new keyboard I’ve been learning all about making macros – sick! I think Jess would approve of the rainbow effect 😎

Snow is falling!


My snowman was pretty chill until his head fell off…🥲. Mum said he looks like a snow body now! Bad pun. Bad bad pun.

The Best Christmas 🎄🎁

Hope you guys all enjoyed Christmas. I had a great time. Main theme: my new PC! Let’s. Go. Bois!! I’ll be able to do all sorts on here: gaming, homework and maybe one day some streaming. When I’m a famous You Tuber, remember where it all started! It’s been nice to have some chill time at home too, here’s me and my mum enjoying a Christmas Walk. Like my new Beanie? Happy New Year!!!

Doing it for Jess

My first term at high school has been decent/good/way better than I could ever imagine. And top of the leaderboard, well…… I’ll take that! #DoingitforJess 😀….I guess that’s as good as Christmas presents get for Jess now 🎄


It was really nice of Children with Cancer U.K. to send a certificate to mark our gaming fundraising! Here it is: