In a Bit, Home Schooling!

I went back to school this week. Half of me said “Let’s Go Bois” and half of me misses being able to watch You Tube during break! It was nice to see my friends and the COVID test wasn’t too bad either. 😀

Doing it for Jess

My first term at high school has been decent/good/way better than I could ever imagine. And top of the leaderboard, well…… I’ll take that! #DoingitforJess 😀….I guess that’s as good as Christmas presents get for Jess now 🎄

Pink Day!

Last week my school had an event where we all wore pick to raise money for Breast Cancer. I promised you a picture, so here I am! I had a really fun day and it was nice to raise some money for another cancer charity too. Not long until my big event now, in fact it’s just under 3 weeks! Check out my countdown to my mega gaming event on my fundraising tab ⏱. Let’s go Boi!!

Supporting More Fundraising.

My old school were going to hold an event to remember Jess next week, but because of COVID they can’t.. 😢 They are going to do a fancy dress day to raise money though so that’s good 😀. Speaking of which, my new school (on the same day coincidentally) have a wear something pink day! It’s for breast cancer awareness, but I’ll be remembering Jess too obvs. Do you think I’ll look good in my pink tie? I’ll show you what I look like on the day.