Gaming Event Done!

I loved my gaming event. I mean, what’s not to like about 12 hours straight gaming with drinks and snacks being brought to you?!? That was a lot of fun! Seriously though, it was nice to raise so much money – £1200 for Children with Cancer UK. Thanks to everyone who supported the event. Preesh 🙏. We loaded up Jess’ old account so mum could play Rocket League against me. I even got an extra £2 for every goal Mum and I scored. Luckily for the charity, I’m pretty good at Rocket League!

3 Days to My Big Event

My Children with Cancer UK T-shirt arrived today for my big gaming event. I’m getting rather excited now! When else will I ever be able to game for 12 hours without a break! And it’s great to be raising for such a good cause. I’ll make sure I play some of Jess’ favourite games. I think she’d like that 😀 £727 raised already – wow!

Pink Day!

Last week my school had an event where we all wore pick to raise money for Breast Cancer. I promised you a picture, so here I am! I had a really fun day and it was nice to raise some money for another cancer charity too. Not long until my big event now, in fact it’s just under 3 weeks! Check out my countdown to my mega gaming event on my fundraising tab ⏱. Let’s go Boi!!

Miss You Jess ❤️

Today is a year without my sister. I miss her a lot, like A LOT. We’ve been to Jessica beach today in memory of Jess. We wrote in the sand, jumped in the waves and ate cookies. I think she would have enjoyed it. R.I.P. Jess ❤️😢❤️ . Thanks for all the donos to my fundraising BTW…Epic 🤜

Supporting More Fundraising.

My old school were going to hold an event to remember Jess next week, but because of COVID they can’t.. 😢 They are going to do a fancy dress day to raise money though so that’s good 😀. Speaking of which, my new school (on the same day coincidentally) have a wear something pink day! It’s for breast cancer awareness, but I’ll be remembering Jess too obvs. Do you think I’ll look good in my pink tie? I’ll show you what I look like on the day.

Is this how the famous YouTubers started?

Apparently I’ve had over 120 views on my website already! Wow! I’ve only put one post on Mum’s Twitter! I wonder if this is what YouTubers feel like 🤔. Maybe I should ask some! I’ll keep adding some new content to keep it fresh. Today I’ve added a page of stuff I love to learn – check it out by clicking on the tab 👉👈

Exciting times!

So my mum has helped me launch my website! Very exciting but I can’t believe that my cringey pictures is on Twitter and her website too… 🙈 How embarrassing! Social media gets you everywhere! Mums sometimes 🙈🙈 Seriously though, thanks for helping me launch it, Mum. Preesh 😀